Vice President Of Finance

Company: International company, Founded in 2003. Focus on the Development, Production and Sales of Civilian Healthy Coatings.

Industry: Painting

Location : Putian City


phone: 028-39252566

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1. Improve the Group's various Financial Management systems and internal control systems, and build an internal control system that meets the compliance requirements of listed companies
2. Organize and lead the company's financial management, cost management, budget management, accounting, accounting supervision, etc., strengthen the company's economic management and improve economic efficiency
3. Responsible for formulating the group's annual total budget, convening and presiding over the group's annual budget meeting
4. Participate in major investment decisions of the group company and provide support and opinions on project development and other issues
5. Presided over the formulation of rules and regulations and working procedures for the Group's financial management, accounting and accounting supervision, and budget management. After approval, it organized the implementation and supervised the implementation
6. Organize the implementation of relevant national financial and economic laws, regulations, guidelines, policies and systems to protect the company’s legal operations and protect shareholders ’rights
7. Responsible for reviewing and signing company budgets, financial revenue and expenditure plans, cost and expense plans, credit plans, financial reports, accounting statements, and signing major business plans, economic contracts, and economic agreements involving financial revenue and expenditure
8. Participate in the group company's investment behavior, important business activities and other aspects of decision-making and program formulation, participate in the research and review of major economic contracts or agreements, participate in the analysis and decision-making of important economic issues


1. Master Degree or above, major in Financial Management, finance, age 35-45 years old is preferred
2. Integrity, healthy thinking, ethical standards, strong principles, serious and responsible, mature and stable, with strong leadership, judgment and decision-making skills, communication and coordination skills, planning and execution
3. More than 5 years of Financial Management experience in LARGE LISTED COMPANIES
4. Familiar with the financial management of the group company, understand and be familiar with the enterprise capital operation process, and have experience in financial management of listed companies
5. Qualified accountant, certified public accountant, senior accountant, and registered tax accountant are preferred
6. Identify the quantification of the values of the three trees, and the personal value orientation agrees with the three trees

7. Have strong intentions

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