Nutrition Manager

Company: Công ty Việt Nam cung cấp thức ăn ngành thủy hản sản và gia súc.

Location : Long An


phone: 028-39252566

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- To manage all activity of Nutrition department of Aqua feed and report to Head of Feed South operations.
- To research and development, the product to support the market.
- To training new staff for technical knowledge and promote
- Attend such conference, seminar or workshop as will assist to improve performance and support the duties with the feed head approval.


- Provide specification (Physical and analytical) for each raw material for purchasing, intake and analysis.
- Find and research new RMs and additive to improved feed quality and least cost formulation.
- To develop and improve formula specification and ingredient evaluate at least cost formulation.
- Undertake formulations necessary: RM stock and quality problem, issue problem in farm related with nutrition.
- To develop new feed product and improve animal performance to pertaining with market.

- Usage stock analysis report (weekly) to update profile of RMs in formulation.

- Analyze and clarify QC/Lab reports for the purpose of making more accurate and precise of feed formulation.
- All the time communicate with purchasing about situation and quality of RMs market.
- To visit Raw material supplier to communicated company’s need and find new Raw material.
- To make new formula and feeding system follow demand and suitable with market.


- To create the product for new feed brand.
- Training for new formulator
- Technical training for marketing as request.
- Consolidate and review records from internal pig farms pertaining to reproductive, growth, and feed intake performance

- To evaluate competitor product efficacy for research or marketing requirement by field observed reliable data analysis.
- All the time work with QC to update and improve SOP both QC entrance and QC process, Lab to improve all lab activity.
- Meeting and working with Technical support team to understand our feed quality.
- To Arrange and training new staff for new feed mill.
- Analyze the internal farm reports for the purpose of finding ways on how to improve pig/poultry performance through better nutrition.

a. Internally (within own company)

- QC&Lab, Production

- Sale and Marketing
- Purchasing

- Control feed quality before sale to market.
- Update and improve feed quality
- Update RMs situation and RMs forecast

b. Externally (outside own company)

- Agriculture and forestry university - To learn and research to improve th

- Local and oversea supplier skill and knowledge of feed technical.
- To learn about feed additive information and technical skill.
- To know and apply new innovation in the feedstuff

- Provide least cost feed formulation using all available facility to ensure that performance and quality of feed.
- Set up the RMs standard in ensure input quality to produce the high feed quality.
- Set up the research and trail farm to get data and use to improve feed quality and economically.
- Attend the meeting with each department to discussion and find the solution to improve feed quality and save feed cost.
- Visit customer and our internal farm to update and get more information of animal performance to improve feed quality. Advise feed and feeding program to more efficiency.

-Communication and Cooperation between department to get best result of feed quality.
-Reduce feed cost.
-Set up the research and trail in our internal farm (commercial) for more scientific.

- Male/Female
- A post graduate qualification in animal nutrition, or a related field is a prerequisite as a five years post graduate experience in animal feed industry, research, University or similar.
- Familiarity with research techniques, field technical servicing and tropical agricultural systems in an advantage
- Fluent English is essential

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