How to Tell Bosses about Your Burnout

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“2020 has been an extremely tough year for all of us,” says a career consultant. And, it’s true! A survey of U.S workers recently showed that 34% are more burned out on the job today in comparison with a year ago.

Experts say, if you are feeling burned out, it’s necessary for you to talk with your boss or line managers. Burnout can impact your physical and mental health, but it will have career consequences, which can lead everything from general job malaise to professional mistakes, or even absenteeism at the same time.

The risks to your health and career are really high if you don’t tell your boss what you are feeling. A career coach points out, when you share what is going on in your thought, you will probably get help from the boss. Some bosses have tools or resources to support you to get through this, some others even share their own stories of job burnout and show you the way to go.


One-on-one meeting

The best way to tell your boss about your burning out is an individual meeting, one – on one.

If you already have a weekly scheduled meeting with your boss, broach the topic during this time, please! Otherwise, you can set up one by asking the boss if she or he can give you half an hour of their time for a private meeting.


Prepare what you want to say

Make a careful plan to do it before your meeting. Think about what you would like to say and what you want from your boss as well as from the conversation. If you don’t understand why you are feeling burned out, nobody is able to guess. In that case, it’s none of your business to figure out why you are feeling that way or what you should do.

Spend more time asking yourself, first if you don’t know what the hell is going on with your life. Before you can communicate your issues to the boss, you have to identify what the problems are. Sometimes, there are more than one cause of burnout.

Share problems & Show solutions.

No1: Don’t just say to your boss what you are feeling.

Tell him or her your problems, you have to join meeting too much, aspect of the project you are on is weighing on you, for examples.

No2: Suggest solutions instead of asking solution from your boss.

What would you do or want to do in order to manage everything? Is here anyway that help the process could be streamlined to be less intensive?

You have to find some solutions that can help you reduce your burnout and support your work more effectively, not transfer your problem to your boss.


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