Business Manager

Company: HR1's Client

Location : HoChiMinh


phone: 028-39252566

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  • Conduct a comprehensive investigation and analysis of the coal industry, accurately judge the market trend, analyze the specific situation of buyers and competitors, and formulate the company's medium and long-term business plan and annual business plan
  • Classified management of upstream and downstream customers, decomposition of annual objectives,
  • formulation of clear work measures, help to guide subordinates to improve their business capabilities, and lead the team to complete the annual planned tasks
  • Build personal relationships with upstream and downstream customers and relevant government departments, strive to open up more upstream resources and downstream customer channels, and maintain friendly relations with the government
  • Take active and effective measures to solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the process of business implementation in a timely manner
  • Lead team members to complete negotiation with customers, contract formulation and contract performance, and track the whole process of business execution


  • Degree/Diploma: Bachelor degree or above in  Foreign Trade, Business Administration
  • Fluency in English, Chinese is a plus
  • Related Working Experience (indicated also the years of related working experience): 5 years
  • People Manager Experience (if there is): 3 to 4 years
  • Good use of Office Computer Software
  • Strong communication and coordination skills, good sales skills and language skills
  • Have strong execution ability, strong patience and the spirit of not afraid of hitting the wall, and have the courage to stop until you reach your goal;

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